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WeatherBug Weather Station Troubleshooting

Canada AG Network

  1. Internet Connection
    1. Verify internet connection on the computer connected to the weather station console.
      1. Using a web browser, try opening to help determine if you are connected to the internet.
  2. WeatherBug Publisher Software
    1. WeatherBug Publisher software must be running.
    2. WeatherBug Publisher should display "Weather Data: ON"
      1. NOTE: The section in WeatherBug Publisher that states "My Personal Station data display in WeatherBug is: OFF" does not impact your data transmission. WeatherBug Publisher
      2. If "Weather Data: OFF":
        1. Run a Test Connection:
          1. Click the "Options" tab
          2. Click the "Connection" tab
          3. Click the "Test Station Connection" button
        2. Reboot Publisher
          1. Exit WeatherBug Publisher by using the "File" and "Exit" tabs.
          2. Reopen WeatherBug Publisher by using the icon found on the desktop or in the programs listed in the start menu.
        3. Reboot Computer — Turn off and then back on.
        4. Unplug and then re-plug the USB or serial port which connects the Davis console to the computer.
        5. Verify Registration
          1. Status screen should indicate Registration Complete.
          2. If status screen indicates Registration Required, click File, then Register to complete registration.
          3. Please notify WeatherBug of new Publisher ID by calling Customer Care at: 1-888-239-0047 - Option 3
  3. HauteSpot HauteSpot
    1. Verify all cables are connected (Serial WxLink, Ethernet, Power) to the HauteSpot box.
    2. Verify the right green light is illuminated on the back of the device.
    3. The ethernet cable must be connected to a single router that is connected to a modem. No dual router set-ups are workable.
    4. Verify data transmission by checking WeatherBug online.
  4. Time and Date
    1. Verify that the time and date (including year) is correct on the Console.
      1. Enter Setup Mode by pressing DONE and the down arrow (-) at the same time.
      2. Press DONE to move to the next screen in the Setup Mode.
      3. Continue to press DONE until you reach the Time and Date Screen
        1. Use the right and left arrows to select the hour, minute, month, day or year.
        2. Press DONE once time and date adjustments are complete.
      4. Continue through the remaining Setup screens by pressing DONE.
      5. Exit Setup mode once at the "RECEIVING FROM…" screen by holding the DONE button until the Current Weather screen displays.
  5. Call Customer Care 1-888-239-0047 - Option 3 Canada AG Network Weather Station

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