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WeatherBug Weather Station Troubleshooting

BlueBugBox (BBB)

  1. Powered and Connected
    1. Verify that the BBB power is ON.
      1. Green POWER light on the front of the BBB should be illuminated.
      2. Power switch found on the back of the BBB should be switched ON.
      3. Power cord must be securely connected to BBB.
    2. Data cable must be connected to outdoor weather station equipment. Data Cable Port
  2. Internet Connection
    1. Verify internet connection on the closest computer to the BBB.
      1. Using a web browser, try opening to help determine if you are connected to the internet.
    2. If you have an internet connection and the cable is connected, verify that the LAN internet connection lights are blinking. The LAN port is found on the back left of the BBB. Please refer to the image below. If they are not blinking, call Customer Care. BlueBugBox LAN port
  3. Reboot
    1. Using the power switch, turn your BBB off for approximately 5 to 10 seconds and then on.
  4. Call Customer Care 800-624-4205
    1. Note which A-B-C-D lights are illuminated as this will help Customer Care assist you. BlueBugBox A-B-C-D lights

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